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 Tianhe Oil Group Co. Ltd. is a global group with service production of drilling tools, including R&D, production, selling, leasing, maintenance and service.

 Tianhe has 5 main businesses spreading across the globe more than 50 regions.

 Over the years, Tianhe Oil Group, regarding “people-oriented, technology first, continuous improvement, casting brand” as our management guidance, continuously strives to innovate and improve our products and expand business related to oilfield. Meanwhile, the company also increases investment in technology research and development, always takes providing the global customers with the best technical products and services as our company’s mission.

Tianhe Oil Group strongly believes and promotes Total Quality Management, implement the ISO quality management system and HSE management system and API standard, which has been deeply implanted into every person’s thought and carried out into every aspect of work.

Our manufacturing facilities are well equipped with four automated induction heat treatment lines and dozens of other types (Box type, well type, carburizing heat treatment furnace) of heat treatment ovens and well furnaces to ensure full coverage of heat treatment requirements by different products to achieve the required mechanical properties.

In order to ensure the quality consistency and interchangeability of high precision components, Tianhe has introduced WFL five-axis Linkage Precision Machining Center from Austria, Mazak’s Machining Center from Japan, and the Haas Vertical Machining Center from United States. These processes are facilitated with precise quality inspection equipment such as the BRUNKER OES from Germany, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Magnetic Powder Flaw Detector, HEXAGON three coordinates Measuring Machine, Farco Portable Three Coordinates Measuring Machine, and other high precision instruments.

So far, Tianhe Oil Group has established strong business relationships with over 200 international oil & gas companies in supporting the top 50 oil producing countries, e.g. Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, WEATHERFORD, Shell, NOV, etc.

Tianhe Oil Group Huifeng Petroleum Equipment CO. ltd.
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